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What you need

Here is the basic hardware requirements list that you would usually require to acquire to plunge into this walkthrough. Carry it as your checklist when you are out buying the components from the store.

  1. An ATX Computer Case/Cabinet with at least 300 W SMPS.
  2. A Processor (CPU). An Intel or AMD. Processors come along with an appropriate heatsink.
  3. A motherboard compatible with your processor. Motherboards come bundled with IDE and floppy drive cables and screws and other raisers to mount it onto the computer case.
  4. RAM modules compatible with your motherboard and processor.
  5. An IDE Hard Disk Drive (HDD). You may want to have additional HDDs also.
  6. Optical (CD/DVD) drives.
  7. Floppy disk drive (FDD).
  8. PS/2 or USB keyboard.
  9. PS/2 or USB mouse. You may use a serial mouse also but that just jams the single serial port that the motherboards provide today.
  10. An AGP video card compatible with the motherboard. However, many motherboard models today come with the video card integrated. You may still have an add-on AGP card for many reasons.
  11. A VGA monitor. Also called the visual display unit (VDU), this is basically the computer screen.
  12. Sound Card. Most motherboards nowadays come integrated with a soundcard as well but again you may have one add-on for many reasons.
  13. 10/100 Ethernet Network Adapter or just the LAN card, as they call it at local stores, if you are planning to connect it a network such as your home network or the cable internet. This is also known as the Network Interface Card or NIC. Several motherboard models nowadays come with this card mounted.
  14. Printer, Scanner, Modem, Speakers, Microphone, CD/DVD RW Drives, Webcam, Capture Card, TV Tuner Card as you may wish to have.
  15. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) unit. Though this is not a part of the computer equipment this electric unit is a good thing to use to save your PC from several power hazards.
  16. A multi tool screwdriver set, preferably magnetized.