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Installing the SMPS

The SMPS or the Switched Main Power Supply is the power distributor to the components that go inside your cabinet and sometimes to external devices also.

In this walkthrough we use a Frontech ATX P4 Power Supply. Our SMPS is rated at 300W which is the usual ones for the ATX cabinets.

After you unpack the SMPS untangle the wires connected to it. You’ll find there 4-5 types of connectors attached to the wires coming out of the device.

The motherboard connector goes into the main power input of the motherboard.
A typical SMPS will have several of these Molex power cable connectors. These are the power sources for the HDDs, CD/DVD RW/R drives. Some cabinets may have extra cooling fans to be powered by one these.

The floppy connector the power source for the floppy drives and go into the power input port on the floppy drives.
The other side of the SMPS has 2 power sockets and a fan and stays out from the back of the cabinet. It has a fan built-in to blast out the heat building inside. Always ensure that the fan is under smooth operation.

Our SMPS has a power input socket rated at 230V and 3A and an output socket rated at 230V and 1.0A. This might be rated according to the area's power usage specifications you bought it from.

Screw up the SMPS to the cabinet.